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1. The Kye Monastery

The Kye Monastery

The religious and magnificent abode is one of the most frequently visited destinations of the Spiti Valley overlooking the Kaza region. It is situated t a high elevation of 4112 feet and is said to be the biggest gompas in the country enshrining with the stunning Buddha beauty along with ancient books, manuscripts and murals. It is rightly said to be a spectacle amidst the semi arid mountains.

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2. The Tabo Monastery

The Tabo Monastery

Known for its exquisite and majestic paintings, this clearly illustrated Ajanta of Himalayas is one of the most ancient citing of the Spiti Valley. The monastery consist a total of 9 temples belonging to the Tara and the Buddha Maitreya along with many stupas all acting as the key attractions.

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3. The Lhalung Monastery

The Lhalung Monastery

Buddhist monasteries have always served as learning centers for its students as well turning them into a religious and educated person. One such learning center grazed in the past is the Lhalung Monastery. It has a dazzle of 9 Buddhist shrines and is considered to be the key center of Buddhist teachings.

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4. The Gandhola Monastery

The Gandhola Monastery

Located amidst the flowing grounds of the Chandra and the Bhaga; The Gandholda monastery was founded under the religious patronage of Guru Padma Sambhava and is almost 800 years old.The
monastery has a very simple structure along with the many beautiful and enticing wooden idols and

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5. The Camping Amazements At The Chandra Taal Lake

The Camping Amazements At The Chandra Taal Lake

The valley offers you not only places for religious beliefs but also has a plethora of adventure sports like the spectacular views of the Chandra Taal Lake. The name Chandra Taal means the crescent shaped moon line and is said to be the most favorite camping site for people visiting the Spiti valley.

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6. The Exqusite Beauty Of The Suraj Tal Lake

The Exqusite Beauty Of The Suraj Tal Lake

The beauty of the third highest lake in the country is mesmerizing with a pinch of adventure thrills. The name Suraj Tal literally translates to meaning the Sun Lake which is said to be the most pleasing and stunning lakes of the Spiti Valley. It is destination worth a million pictures for photographing buffs.

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7. The Dhankar Lake

The Dhankar Lake

The most captivating, mesmerizing and peaceful places to visit is the Dhankar Lake. It’s surrounding are said to be the most peaceful abodes in the Spiti Valley. It is also called as the Sar Kund Lake and is peaked at an altitude cliff of height of 4270 meters. The place is mainly used for trekking purposes and is a must for all the biking lovers.

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8. The Pin Valley National Park

The Pin Valley National Park

This Cold Biosphere Reserve is said to have a rich collection of endangered flora and fauna which makes it the most thrilling and a must visit place for all those who love to adore nature and the wildness associated with it. The national park is a rich biosphere reserve of rare and endangered species.

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9. The Beauty Of Kibber

The Beauty Of Kibber

When you’re thinking of exploring Spiti Valley to its extreme then you cannot miss the Indian mini hamlets. Kibber is one of the most beautiful and bewitching villages of the Spiti Valley and is said to be one of the most trekked places of the valley.

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10. The Magnificent Beauty Of Losar

The Magnificent Beauty Of Losar

Located in the near proximity of the Indo Chinese border is the beautiful and marvelous town of Losar. This is one of those pure and pristine villages that have still remained untouched by the traveler expedition and so is a must explore.

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11. The Impeccable Beauty Of Udaipur

The Impeccable Beauty Of Udaipur

Well the valley of Spiti has another Udaipur; a village full of religious sentiments and considered to be a hot destinations for both Hindus and Buddhists. It is very famous for its Marikula Mata Temple and is one of the most picturesque sites to visit.

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12. The Peaking Beauty Of Komik

The Peaking Beauty Of Komik

A must visit for all the traveling expeditions; the village of Komik is said to be the world’s highest village with a motorable road. A dream in paradise for every trekking lover, the village of Komik is a must visit for all its spectacular views.

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