Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

The place is a serene location that inculcates a feeling of peace. The hill has been renamed as Madhuvan (honey forest) by the followers of the faith. The University offers a seven lesson course that speaks of spirituality. It is a prominent NGO now and has spread to other parts of the world with 8500 centres located in 110 nations operating at the moment.

The staff remains dedicated to their purpose that makes individuals realise the futileness of material possessions and embrace spirituality. The process of reliving the soul within and achieving calm while preserving one’s dignity happens to be the crux of the lessons. The meditation hall, known as the Baba’s Hut is a place to meditate. The visitors are also intrigued to find a huge auditorium of ‘Om Shanti Bhavan’ within the premises.

It can seat 3000 at the same time and serves as the venue for conferences that take place regularly. The Raja Yoga is the basic type of Yoga taught to the students here. It commences with a lesson on playing the flute (murli). The centre runs utilizing voluntary donations and does not charge for the lessons. The area is well organized and maintained with a garden where the tourists can roam around in order to connect with nature.

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Free of charge.

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