The term ‘Garh’ within the name of the place refers to the fort. It is believed to have been constructed originally by the ancient rulers of the Paramara Dynasty. Maharana Kumbha belonging to Mewar revived it from the ruins and reconstructed it entirely in 1452 AD. It has been called as Achalgarh since then.

Unfortunately, the fort is in ruins today with the entrance remaining as sturdy granite pillars of grey color that represent the long gone valour of the majestic dynasty that ruled here. The tourists are also entranced by the panoramic view of the city from the top of the fort.

Jain temple is present within the fort as well. The pristine white pillars made of marble and the cared sculptures within makes the atmosphere serene and peaceful. The shrine contains the main idol which is intensely heavy and made out of panchaloha or 5 different metals.

The speciality of the temple lies in the fact that it is visible from all four directions. The visitors also visit the Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple situated outside the Fort. It is a Shiva temple that has a huge image of the pious bull Nandi that is made entirely of brass.

Visiting Time

No restriction! It is advisable to visit before darkness sets in though.

Entry Fee

Totally free.

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