Mathura Tourism

The abode of Lord Krishna, the spirituality and purity of the city, and the Krishna Bhakti is the identity of the sacred land, Mathura. Located in the western part of Uttar Pradesh, this city is widely-known to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Being one of the sacred lands of India, Mathura hosts many other historical and religious places around her, encircling the area of around 3,800 sq km , the area of Brajbhumi is divided into two distinct parts firstly the eastern Yamuna that includes Gokul, and the other side is the western part ;also trans-Yamuna that covers the most part of the Mathura, Vrindavan, Nandgaon and Barsana and Goverdhan. An ancient city was mentioned in the Hindu epic Ramayana, that acclaims how Iskshwaku prince whacked the demons, and Lavanasura and acquired this city.

Symbolizing the Hinduism, these places have a multitude of temples, which signify Lord Krishna his Various avatars. One of them prominent temple that showcases the dazzling deities of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha is Dwarkadheesh Temple. Another splendid architecture that lures tourist towards it is Govind Dev Temple which is established with the great historical past, as Akbar has donated the red sandstone for the building of the same temple. While exploring the Janam Bhoomi of Lord Krishna, you may encounter the centuries-old spectacular architecture, narrow lanes that reveals the roots of this city as well as the perfect adaption of the urbanization by the dwellers.
Lastly adore every inch of Mathura, how it is clothed in the devotion of Lord Krishna , and his eternal love Radha.

History of Mathura

Krishna Janam Bhoomi:- According to mythological tales, Mathura was ruled by Suryavanshi and Chandravanshi, at different time periods, the remains left on this land tells the story of strength and powers, architectural structures signify the essence of their ascendant kings.

The sacredness of Mathura has soared, attained the eternal title Brajbhoomi after the birth of Lord Krishna, who was born in the dungeon of the fort of King Kansa, demonic brother of Devki. Both Devki and Vasudev had been imprisoned by Kansa, because of prophecy he has heard that their 8th child will annihilate his kingdom and kill him. In spite of having the love for his sister, he locked up them up in his dungeon. Still, Vasudeva somehow managed to safeguard Krishna, took him out of prison and place him in the hands of Nand Baba and Yashoda in Gokul, Vrindavan. There is another mythic tale behind this event.

An era of Buddhism:- A Buddhist devotee Mauryan King Ashoka built many Buddha monasteries and stupas under his reign during the 3rd century BC. Lord Buddha himself visited Mathura for once in his life, but Buddhism has already thrived in Mathura till 9th century BC. Mathura was a well-renowned place for learning the teachings of Buddha, a centre of arts, rich culture and impeccable architectures. About in AD 400, Fa Hien Chinese traveller visited Mathura, he explored 20 monasteries, three stupas and 5 Deva temples established by Buddhist monks and devotees in the area.

British Empire:- British colonies took over the Mathura, around in 1804, and that is the gradual end of the princely states of Mathura kings, and the Britishers foster the town till the Independence of India.

Culture of Mathura

The culture of Mathura is a blend of its architecture, art forms of dances and music, as well as the clothing and cuisine of the locals, live there. There is a uniqueness you will find in the people of Mathura, they all devoured themselves into the Bhakti of Lord Krishna. Pilgrims or tourist who visit for the first time gets soaked into the colours of Brajwasis and imbibe the dialects and the pure and divine incarnations of the chants Radhey Radhey, that is aired in the aura of the whole city.

Folk songs of Mathura were sung by the gopis during Raas Leela, with Shree Krishna are still hummed and played by the dwellers, they believe Lord Krishna has endorsed this dialect, and now it has become the official language too of this city. The young girls perform Charkula, a renowned dance form of Mathura by carrying the several lighted lamps on their head. Every visitor cherishes a breathtaking performance, they perform Charkula just after the day of Holi.

What you will like

The magical desi lifestyle of mathura dwellers, majestic temples and divine tales of Lord krishna engulf this city , spirituality resides in the air of Brajbhumi

What you might not like

Bustling crowd during festivals specially Holi.

Shopping in Mathura

Surrounded by the Mandir’s and shrines, the shopping arcade in Mathura is entirely joint to them. Time passes by when you wander around the winding lanes of bazaars and look around in every nook and corner, to explore the intricate hand-crafted decorations, ‘paushaaks’ and adornments, for idols of gods. There can be a chance one cannot find the wide range of options to shop, but there are some interesting and remarkable purchases one can do, to cherish their trip to Mathura.

Holy Gate
One of the significant places to shop in Mathura, heaven for pilgrims, here they can shop devotional items, ethnic dresses for deities, idols of various gods and goddesses, paintings and sculptures, one can spot the silver and textile jewellery too in this marketplace. Use your all skills to bargain here.

Lal Bazaar
Lal Bazaar is the next prominent place for shopping in Mathura. This place will charm the buyers who hold love for antiques and repgious items pke ethnic dresses of god and or idols of goddesses and coloured incense sticks are readily available in this market. If you want to buy some brass products, do shop from here because of its reasonably inexpensive price.

Shop some sweet
Brijwasi Royal Mithaiwala- Located at the Holy gate, it is one of the most prominent food joints where you can repsh flavoursome authentic snacks, sweets and food and beverages of Mathura.
Radhika Sweets- To take away ‘Mathura ke Pede” there is no need to roam around in the lanes of Mathura, here you will get city’s best and famous pedas at all reasonable prices.

Cuisines of Mathura

Although Mathura’s cuisine is well known for both Mughalai and Awadhi cooking, still it scores well for the delightful and palatable food for vegetarians. The food enriched with hot and rich gravies and condiments will tug you towards the streets of Mathura. Also this land of “Makhan and Milk” has a large variety of sweet delicacies, including “Mathura ka peda” which is undoubtedly famous all over the world, besides that, there is no scantiness of desserts.

Sweets that are prepared with a mild base, as Gulab jamun, Kheer, Sheer korma, Gujia, Kulfi, Jalebi, Kalakand, Petha, Ras malai, Lapsi, and Mootichoor ladoos, all are top toothsome sweets that no one can resist after having mouth-watering Awadhi food.

The aura of lanes of Mathura is all suffused by the aroma of fried vegetable fritters, pakoras, samosa, kachoris and tikkis, added up by the sapid spicy and tangy chutney of green and red chilli. To beat the scorching heat of summers, tourist can relish the full range of coolant drinks, Guhari sherbet and Hibiscus sherbet will soothe the pangs of thirst inside you, some other flavours Lemon squash, Rose sherbet and Khas sherbet, are there to experiment with.


Day 1– You can start your journey having the authentic breakfast. Then plan your tour, first visit the Vishram Ghat in the morning which is sacred bathing ghat situated on the banks of river Yamuna. Then you can visit the Dwarkadhish Temple which is close to Vishram Ghat and comes under the one of the top places in Mathura to visit.Then visit Sri Krishna Janmbhoomi Temple which is constructed during the reign of Emperor Chandragupta, then Mathura Museum and Gita Mandir can be considered in must visit place along with them to visit in a day.

Day 2– You can kickstart your day by wandering around the local market, where you can shop some souvenirs and handicrafts or can visit some more small temples based around this city. Have lunch at some authentic restaurant and relish the delicacies of cooked by Brajwasis. In the evening you can roam around the Yamuna Ghat and enjoy the moments of serene sunset.