Trekking may be a relatively new concept in India but it is definitely grabbing attention from fit individuals who are not averse to travel on foot for days while subsisting on bare minimum. The activity is no doubt strenuous but it is an ideal way to catch the splendors of Manali starting from the exotic flora and fauna of the region or discovering the simple but unique lifestyle of the local people who remain happy and contented while leading a hard life. There are a number of treks available to the tourists though. The ones attempting it for the first time are advised to opt for the Hampta Pass trek that takes the trekkers through the rocky terrains and cold valleys providing them with different views of the landscapes in Kullu and Lahul. There are many who take it easy by choosing the 14 km trek from Gulaba to the Bhrigu Lake. The paths pass by numerous apple orchards and green lands interspaced with tiny rivulets. The trekkers also get a chance of visiting old villages along the way. The thorough city breds are in for a treat too by booking a city tour on foot through the snow covered landscape. The entire city will be covered including the hot tourist spots such as Vashisht village, Lamadugh and Jogini waterfalls.


Rohtang pass to snowline, Bhrigu Lake, Chanderkhani Pass and the trail from Sangla to Baranag are some of the most popular trekking trails.


Treks are arranged throughout the year except during the winter when snowfall is heaviest.


Rs 4,500 to Rs 10,000 depending on the type of the trek.