Zorawar Singh Fort

Rock Museum

A must visit destination when you are in town. As the name depicts this was the fort of the famous general Zorawar Singh Kahluria of Sikh Empire. With a pride, this fort sits at the edge of mountain range overlooking the Leh city. He established Dogra rule in Ladakh after defeating the Ladakhi forces in 1834. It is made up of huge mud walls since 19th century and now used by Indian Army. Inside this fort you will be amazed to see both temple and mosque.

Located among the barren hills and beautiful location, this fort gives ample opportunity for photography. Also, it attracts the people with an interest in artefact, archaeology, history, culture. They visit this beautiful fort to quench their thirst for knowledge.



Easily reachable from Leh, you will find the guided tour buses and local taxis from the city. Also, you can do the trekking from Leh to Zorawar Singh Fort, it’s just a 15min trek from the city.

Best Time to Visit

During summers between May to Sep when the weather is pleasant and lovely.