Zanskar valley

The Zanskar valley and Zangskar is a mountain range in Jammu and Kashmir at a remote corner of Ladhak, situated at the elevation of 12000 ft. It is a beautiful valley, a treat to eyes and photogenic location for photographers and famous for its beautiful landscape. The beautiful snow caped mountains and the sparkling river makes Zanskar a beautiful destination. It is also known for its clear and blue water.

The beauty in isolation and it is also an end to the roads, all the villages after this valley is to be reached by trekking on foot during summers only.

One of the most isolated and unexplored part of trans Himalaya region. Earlier Zanskar & Ladakh were part of kingdom of Guje, western Tibet. Connected by road through Kargil and Darcha, Himachal Pradesh by trekking route over Shingo La pass.


Located at 105 Kms from Leh, from Leh one can take cab or bus to Zanskar Valley.

Adventour Sports

It is a hot spot for trekking, Paragliding and rafting.

Best Time to Visit

Mid May to mid Oct is the best time to visit this valley, almost seven months the way to the valley is closed due to the extreme weather condition, even the temperature goes to minus 300 degrees during winters.