Tso Kar Lake

Situated at the altitude of 4660m/15280ft in Rupshu Plateau in southern part of Ladakh, also known as Tsho kar. The fluctuating Salt Lake is famous for its size and depth. This lake is also known as white lake, because of the high level of salts that deposits all over the lake sores.

This lake is surrounded by rich wildlife. The best place to accustom different kind of birds, specially the variant of ducks and some rare species of birds. Most beautiful attractions among birds, the beautiful Black Necked Crane, with a wingspan of almost 8 ft. They come to Tso Kar Lake to lay eggs.

The bird and photography lovers will definitely, love this lake for its scenic beauty and the exposure it gives to admire different migrant and rare species of birds.

The lake looks breathtakingly beautiful during morning but it looks even more amazing during night when the moon light falls on mountains and it glows.


This lake comes in between while travelling back from the Tso Moriri Lake to Leh, also it is 160 km south from Leh.

Accommodation and Food

Like Tso Moriri Lake, this lake also provides the camping facility at night, but around 3 Km from the lake at its west end near Manali-Leh Road. It is recommended to book your stay at Leh, because the of the changing weather conditions and the number of tents are not very large.

Similarly, the food is also available at the camp site, but limited and simple. There are no stalls to have snacks, so it’s better to carry some snacks.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is in Summers in the month of June, July and Aug. Due to high altitude the winter is extreme and the temperature of -40 degree is also common.