Shasur Monastery

Shashur or Sashur Monastery is a Buddhist monastery of the Drugpa, built in 17th century by Lama Deva Gyatsho of Zanskar. It is situated at an elevation of 600 m above the valley, and one need to travel through hilly terrains and narrow valley to reach this monastery.

“Shahsur” literal meaning is blue pines; and living up to its name, the monastery is surrounded by the beautiful blue pine trees.

The best time to visit is in the month of June and July when an annual festival known as Chham is organized in Shasur Monastery. A famous festival, in which colourfully dressed and masked monks perform the devil dance, known as chaam dance. Shahshur monastery attracts tourist not only from India but across the world as it is also a prominent Tibetan Buddhism learning center.

This monastery has large Thangka paintings, some of them are fifteen feet, and the wall paintings describing all the 84 siddhas of Buddhism.


It is located 137 kilometres from Manali.

Best Time to Visit

October to February. Best months to visit is June and July when the annual festival Chham is organised.