Shanti Stupa

Situated at a height of 3,609 metres (11,841 ft) on the top of Chanspa, Located at 5Km distance from Leh. Built in 1991 by Japanees Budhist. It is a Buddhist white-domed stupa on a hilltop in Chanspa, Leh district, Ladakh. The stupa is not only famous for its religious significance but also because of its location and the beautiful view.

The Shanti Stupa features the photograph of current Dalai Lama. This two-storied beautiful Stupa is visible from a far distance. It provides the panoramic view of the city. Sunrise and sunset are considered as the best time to get the best possible view of the surroundings.


Shanti Stupa can be reached by Air, the most fastest and the most convenient way. From Leh International Airport and then take a taxi. This airport is well connected to major cities in India.

It is only 5Km from town. Easily reachable.