Samstanling Monastery

Samstanling Monastery was founded in 1841 by Lama Tsultim Nima, located in the Sumur village in Nubra Valley. It is an important Buddhist shrine. The monastery is a house to 50 Monks, head monks reside in a guest house opposite to the monastery complex and the governing body of the monastery takes care of their daily needs. On the way to Monastery the landscape is a delight with the view of grey mountains, blue skies, berry bushes and the vibrant, colorful prayer flags will definitely attract you.

The Gompa is visible from a distance because of its bright and beautiful shades of golden, red and white. Even the stairs that will take you to this beautiful shrine is colored in red and decorated with traditional prayer flags. It has two assembly halls, one is new and the other one is old. Both the halls are having eye-catching decorative hangings and murals. The paintings are bright, beautiful and very prominent on the walls depicting various aspects of Buddhism along with the life of Buddha, four heavenly kings, Dharam chakra and guardians of the religion.


This beautiful Monastery is 120 Km from Leh. Local buses and taxis are easily available.

Best Time to Visit

Summers are the best time to visit, between the months of June to September.