Rangdum Monastery

Situated on top of a small but steep sugarloaf hill, Rangdum Monastery is a Buddhist monastery that belongs to Gelugpa sect, which is built by Gelek Yashy Takpa. Situated next to the tiny village of Julidok at an elevation of 4,031 m (13,225 ft), physically it is in Suru Valley, but culturally it is a part of Zanskar. As it is situated in remote area, the condition of roads is not very good, it’s narrow, bumpy and rocky.

The Monastery dates to the 18th century and is home to around 40 monks. Central prayer hall of this monastery features an extensive range of work of art and original paintings. The beautiful hills, snow caped Mountains and glaciers surrounds this place while enhancing its beauty. Rangdum Monastery has benefited from its remote location, which helped the place in preserving its pristine beauty. This isolated place of Worship has always attracted those tourists who seek happiness in isolation and the one who love to enjoy the serenity and calm nature.


337 Km from Leh Airport.