Phugtal Monastery

One of the Buddhist Monastery known as Phugtal Gompa or Phugtal Monastery, situated at remotest corner of Valley in south-eastern Zanskar. Built around a natural cave, this is one of the only Monastery in Ladakh where there is no proper road and can only be reached by walking on your foot and all the supplies to the monastery are brought on donkeys, horses and mules during summers, the warmer months, and in the frozen winters, they are transported through the frozen Zanskar River.

It’s a big cave on the hill, where you can enjoy the peace and beyond the city life. Once in a lifetime experience and the paintings, thangkas inside are very old and amazing. It also offers various attractions inside and outside the Monastery. The monastery contains a temple, library with sacred manuscripts and teaching facilities, prayer rooms, quarters, apartments.

It owes its legacy to the old times, when the cave was built and to the powerful, renowned scholars and teachers who resided in the cave.

The Phuktal Gompa owes its legacy to powerful, around which the monastery has been built, and has for long been a place for retreat, meditation, learning, and teaching.


There are many famous festivals around the year that take place in Phuktal Monastery. Such as Chudsum Chodpa, in this festival thirteen special deities are worshipped. Chonga Chodpa, it’s a harvest festival. Smonlam Chenmo, it marks the start of new year. Syungnas, to accumulate the good Karma, they keep fast on this festival. Phukta Gutor, this marks the celebration of end of Tibetan Calneder etc.


Home stays are available at nearby villages (Anmu, Chah and Purne). Purne village also has guest house facility. The camping sites are also available, and you can ask the locals to allow you camping in their farms, the locals are very helpful and friendly.


The location of the monastery is Lungnak Valley in south-eastern Zanskar.

Entry Fee

There is no entry fee, but cameras and food from outside are not allowed.