Chadar Trek

Chadar trek- walk on the frozen Zanskar River

If you love adventure and have lots of trekking experience. Also, want to take your trekking experience to the next level of difficulty then Chadar Frozen River Trek is the place for you.

The Zanskar river freezes completely by mid-January. This trek got the name “Chadar” means bedsheet, because the river freezes completely and it looks as if the white bedsheet is being spread over the river Zanskar. The only passage that remains open during this time, all the other passes are shut down due to the heavy snowfall. This river is also known as the lifeline of Ladakh region. The river freezes completely by mid Jan and the trek can be enjoyed till Feb.


Temperature: -5 to -15 degrees during day and -20 to -30 degrees during night. The total tracking distance is 62 Km and the level of this track is difficult.