Central Asian Museum

This museum is at the heart of Leh town, built in the Tsas Soma Gardens. One of the most attractive and remarkable buildings in Leh. It Museum hides a courtyard which contains Leh’s oldest mosque. The Ladakhi king Senge Namgyal for the first time gave permission to some traders to build Leh’s first mosque here.

The museum was designed and built by Tibet Heritage Fund, it is designed with a contemporary edge, in shape of a Tibetan-Ladakhi fortress tower and square ground plan is based on ancient Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim places of worship.

A good place to learn the culture and history of Ladakh and a must visit when you are in Leh. It’s an amazing heritage site that will take you back in ancient time, dating back to 16th century.


Situated at 3.9 kms from Leh Airport, located right next to the main Leh Market.

Entry Fee

Entry fee will be charged, i.e. Rs 50 per person.