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Sulphurous Hot Springs

A unique and astonishing natural marvel ‘Phu Cha Chu’ is a phenomenal tourist attraction in the whole Sikkim region. Based in between the serene location, high lush green hills and craggy mountains, Sulphurous Hot springs are surrounded by the Rangit river and the centuries-old cave Lho Khando Sang Pho. An ideal destination to explore the eccentric spot in a quaint town with such curative medicinal properties. With this, there is another significant tale added to this spot; it is believed that Saint Padmasambhava who is popular as the great Buddhist Saint of the 7th century, choose to meditate in an inner sanctum around the enormous natural caverns Khandosanghu and Sharchog Begpu that adds the pinch of sacredness around the hot springs.

The nature lovers and bird watchers have a field day trying to spot as many species as possible here. The Himalayan Black Bear and the Red Panda are indigenous to this region. The Government is strict about protecting the animals here with activities such as poaching, grazing of cows, and hunting being prohibited by law. The Park also serves as a part of a trekking trail that passes along the ridge to as far as Sandakphu & Phalut. Most tourists, however, choose the Jeep Safari to explore the Park and spot animals.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit Sulphurous hot spring at any time of the year for sightseeing, but if you want to take a dip in that spring then choose summer season, when the weather is pleasant and suitable.

Getting Around

If you want to traverse around these tourist locations hassle-free, it is advisable to hire a taxi or cab to roam around the quaint towns. Or one can use the service of public transportation/ SSRTC bus from Gangtok.

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