About Dzongri Trek

Apart from Mt. Kanchenjunga the trekkers also get to see many other important peaks of the Himalayan Range along their trail. The town of Yuksom serves as the base camp with the trekkers resting and acclimatizing here. Many tourists also make sure to visit the Dubdi monastery before beginning their journey. The snowy peaks of mount Pandim become visible from Tshoka, the first destination of the trek. The Dzongri Viewpoint situated at a height of 4250 meters offers a mesmerizing view of the entire Himalayan Range with the tall peaks standing out clearly against the sky on cloudless days. The glistening waters of the Laxmi Pokhari Lake make a stunning vision against the backdrop of Mount Tenchingkhang & Mount Pandim.


Trekking charges vary according to the facilities provided and the experience of the accompanying guides.

Best Time to Visit

March to June is considered to be the ideal season for the trek. September to November also has many tourists climbing up the mountain trails in order to view the spectacular sights. However, trekking during the monsoon season is extremely risky as the steep trail becomes slippery with landslides being common in the area.

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