Bakthang Waterfall

It is a tiny waterfall that can be visited while on a day trip to Gangtok that is just 3 km away. The fall is not a huge, cascading one with water falling from a great height though. However, it is the expanse of water that makes it worth a second look. It is fed by the waters of River Ratey Chu, the main source of water for the city of Gangtok. The water forms a kind of canopy around the green climbing plants making it a photographer’s delight. It is also a great picnic spot with the young and adventurous individuals being able to try their hand at zip lining.

There are plenty of hawkers around selling eatables and beverages along with local produces as well.

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Best Time to Visit

While the summers are pleasant and cool in Gangtok and its surroundings, it is not reckoned to be an ideal time for visiting this particular waterfall. It can be seen in its full glory after the end of monsoon making August and September the best time to stop by the Bakthang Waterfall.

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