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Encircled with pristine natural beauty, Aritar a mesmerizing hill station located on the Silk Route, is a quaint town rested on the foothills of Himalayan ranges. The glory of verdant paradise, cascading waterfalls, spiritual monasteries, tranquilizing ambience, and lofty mountain tops, sets a striking view for travellers or nature lovers. With this, the town has a plethora of attractions as well, that serves an extremely tantalizing site of Himalayan ranges, of snow-capped peaks, and woody incense fills the aura with the hush of scenery and calmness apart from the bustling and hectic city lives, no wonder it makes Aritar an ideal spot for exhilarating experiences.

For those who are travelling Aritar, in search of peace and lives in a high spirit of spirituality, this place is will surely soothe you with its absolute amazing monasteries and temples, Mankhim Temple, Nirmal Dham, and Parbateyswar  Shivlaya Mandir, Gumpa Monasteries are some of the exemplary sites that are ought to be placed in your bucket list !

Not only this, Aritar calls out a big shout out to adventure junkies, to come and encounter the “once in a lifetime experience” of adventure sports; trekking, paragliding, camping, rock climbing these activities fills the pocket of dauntless travellers with numerous cherishable memories.

Apart from this Aritar has some top-notch destinations to witness the alluring beauty of this town, getting around in this town is quite accessible as, well as it is one of the prominent destinations in Sikkim that provide opulent accommodations and delightful authentic cuisines to all the tourists and travellers.


An enchanting town knows how to behold its charm as well its adoration to beguile tourist towards it, Sikkim State Tourism Department organizes festivals and fairs to instigate the art and culture those were concealed since ages. One of the significant festivals is Lampokhari Tourism Festival, held every year during the end of April or at the beginning of May.

The whole idea of this festival is enthusiastic and full of life, all the prominent adventurous activities are promoted, and people from far-flung places come to witness the madness of all those sports activities. Horse- riding, Boating around the Lampokhari lake, Archery tournaments, and short trekking trips goes on for everyone at the festival.

To add a little more fun and avidity among tourist Aritar has a backwoods and panoramic landscape to offer adventurous sports such as rock climbing and paragliding that fills one’s soul with utmost gusto. Also, the authenticity of succulent delicacies are offered by localities, that is going to play with your taste buds. A traditional dish of roasted dry meat with local beer and wine is served and it’s a must try!

Tourist Attractions

There are several attractions for tourist to explore in Aritar, but some breathtaking activities and fascinating locations will make your tour an unforgettable journey around Himalayan ranges.

Paragliding– Dream of flying like a bird can be fulfilled here, to fly across the crystal blue sky, an admiring the mesmerizing view from above is experience cannot be jotted into mere words, that is worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Trekking– An ideal spot for trekking, it provides the world famous Silk route that is going to be an excellent experience, that covers 2-3 courses one of them is Gangtok – Nathang – Padamchen/ Zuluk – Mankhim, the trek goes around for week and more. It is advisable to carry all essentials and follow instructions carefully.

Mountain Biking– Aritar gives mountain bikers an exhilarating and satisfying experience, few routes cover the lush green landscape, woody heaven of forests, through zigzag paths of mountains and small streams and lakes. Instructors were present too for safety and training in those regions.

Lampokhari Lake– Natural lake in Sikkim, it is one of the prominent destinations as well, uniquely it forms the shape of the human foot, it is situated at the height of around 1,400 m.

Mankhim Mandir– The Rai Community establishes a remarkable temple, where nature is preached, in this temple. This temple is must visit because of its fantastic architecture and its good to attend at the time of celebration of Sakewa Puja, which begins when the plants grow in this region.

Other Attractions: Dak Bungalow, Changey Waterfall, Lungchok valley, Gompa Monastery, Parbalayswar Shivalaya Mandir, Love Dara, etc.

What you will like

A town away from other cities, make it distinctive, closely engulfed by Himalayan ranges, the picturesque view Aritar provides unique in itself. It’s a landmark for the adventure activities as well. Pilgrims too love to visit monasteries and temples of this region.

What you might not like

Set away from the major towns, this place is quite tough to access, and commute. A journey of 3-4 hours is required from Gangtok or other cities as well as from the nearest airport.

Ideal For

The aura of Aritar is quite romantic an ideal for couples to visit to spend some quality time; otherwise, the pristine beauty of this place can be explored by anyone. Its advisable to avoid winter season as the temperature drops down drastically, an optimum place to traverse during summers, backpackers, wayfarers and pilgrims this place is perfect for you to rejuvenate your spirit.

Best time to Visit

It is advisable to visit Aritar at the beginning of winters that arrives in the month of October here when the weather is pleasant. For sightseeing, Summers can be opted to visit otherwise, in this weather, the temperature may rise up to 32° C, an ideal time to have fun in this captivating town is chosen to be in mid of February to May and also the months of September to the month of December. Through December and January are considered to be the coldest months of the year, sometimes temperature drops down to as low as 1°C. Also, it is advisable to avoid going to Aritar in Monsoon season, in months of June to September, and sometimes that extends till October. As these original twists of up and down in the weather may interrupt your journey.


Day 1- Reach Aritar early morning, check in a suitable hotel grab breakfast and go out for sightseeing. Firstly do visit centuries-old monastery  Aritar Gumpa Monastery, it’s a junction for spiritual seekers, and by evening you can visit the famous Lampokhari Lake, to relish the leisure time, you can have a stroll around the lake or can do boating in the serene evening aura.

Day 2- Next Day you can either opt to spend your leisure time in performing adventurous activities, there is a plethora of options or one can stroll for sightseeing can visit tourist attractions Parbateyswar Shivalaya Mandir, Rumtek Monastery that is considered as the remains of spiritual and cultural highpoint shrouded with mystery. Also, there are some small natural waterfalls too such as Lam Pokari, and  Kali Khola Falls to admire the cascading falls from mountains.

Day 3- On the last day in Aritar, you can have a nice walk in the misty woods before lunch that is canopy walk, although avoid this place during rainy season. After lunch, you can take a ride to Baliman Dara 3 km away from Aritar, another spot for paragliding. If you aren’t an adventure junkie, you can roam around in Aritar and spend your evening appreciating the majestic natural beauty.

Local Food in Aritar

No matter wherever you go in Sikkim, you will definitely be going to spot dishes prepared from rice and lentils; indeed, they have stapled food in those regions. But there are quite more options for non-vegetarians, Phagshapa, a pork dish cooked with chillies and reddish, and if you want to celebrate the real taste of Momos and Thukpa, which is served as a noodle soup that consists of meat chunks and variety of vegetables as well, momos are available both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

In Aritar, Chaang is another alcoholic local famous beverage that is served almost every local delicacies with Thomba that is prepared by fermenting millet using yeast. To spot some really lip-smacking, delicious and authentic cuisine, do pay your visit Rhythm and Wine Cafe, or Taste of Tibet, Snow Lion Restaurant.


  • Do carry an extra set of warm clothes, as the weather is unpredictable and often nights are colder than the day.
  • Do carry snacks with you while sightseeing as there are not many food joints or eateries around. It’s good to carry healthy items, like light snacks or fruits, dry fruits, energy drinks, etc.
  • Carry first aid or medical kit with you, if you are for adventure sports.
  • Also, opt for local transport for saving on a commute.

Cuisine of Pelling

The mouth-watering local cuisine of Pelling consists of both vegetarians and non-vegetarian delicacies. Very own momos we know are the main course there and is available in a variety of flavours and types. The Thukpas, Lamlian with sauce and chicken chilli are the speciality of the region and are a gourmet’s delight. Although rice is the most staple food, grown in the city but wheat, finger millet and barley are also included in the local dining of the people here. As the primary occupation of the people is agriculture, there is a variety of such pulses available here. The locals are also a fan of meat and beef cooked foods. Although there are not many restaurants and eating joints visible at this place still you can find some good and finger licking eateries that present you with the traditional cuisine of the region.

Some of the best eating places in Pelling are:

  • Pellingare Melting Point Restaurant
  • Kasturi Restaurant
  • Saikripa Hotel
  • Angela Restaurant.

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