Places To Visit In Yuksom

1. The Khecheopalri Lake

The Khecheopalri Lake

Setting abode at a distance of 1700 meters above the sea level is the sacred home for both Buddhist and Hindus pilgrims. Located at a mere distance of 28 km from the city. The lake was erstwhile known as the Kha chot palri meaning the heaven of Lord Padmasambhava. The divine lake has another fable mingled with it which says that the shape of the lake as observed from the surrounding hills is in the form of a foot which is assumed to be the foot of Lord Buddha.

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2. The Tashiding Monastery

The Tashiding Monastery

The holy Buddhist pilgrim was founded in 1641 is one of the most saintly and devotes Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim. The charm and exquisite collection of the 41 chortens are highly enticing and spectacular. These are known as ‘Chortens of Enlightenment’. The monastery is prettified during the Bhumchu Festival with all its beauty and charm at an epitome.

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3. The Kanchenjunga National Park

The Kanchenjunga National Park

Now that you’re enjoying all the nature bliss and aroma running in your veins, your destination should for sure include The Kanchenjunga National Park which is a right place standing to is caption called where nature meets wildness. The thick forest covers, the blue skies outlined by the white clouds and the true colours of wild animals is all you need to keep remembering your trip to Yuksom.

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4. The Dubdi Monastery

The Dubdi Monastery

The word Dubdi translates to the meaning ‘the retreat’. The monastery is said to built under the patronage of Chogyal Namgyal in the year 1971. The Dubdi monastery which is also referred to as Yuksom Monastery is plotted on a beautiful patch of green land which adds on to its beauty. The monastery is beautifully engineered and is decorated with beautiful idols inside the monastery.

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5. The Tashi Tenka

The Tashi Tenka

The place or the royal home was constructed when Yuksom was the capital of the Namgyal kingdom. This charming and classy complex was constructed at the prominence of the Chogyal rule and is still a place where you can wow the architectural description. The complex was constructed on a ridge on the top of a hill and is now a thrill among tourists as it provides you with a full 360 degrees view of the entire placid city of Yuksom. The scenic beauty around the place is exquisite.

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6. The Norbu Ghang Coronation Throne

The Norbu Ghang Coronation Throne

The place holds high importance both in cultural, historical and religious pages of the town. It is the same throne where the first king or Chogyal of the Namgyal dynasty; the Phutsog Namgyal was crowned with blessings of the three lamas who retreated from Tibet. The lamas preached about Buddhism to the people of Yuksom at this same place.

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7. The Kartok Monastery

The Kartok Monastery

One of the most supreme and chief monasteries of the town; the Kartok Monastery is situated opposite to the Kartok Lake. The monastery has earned its prominence and name form one of the lamas that came from Tibet to participate in the coronation ceremony of the first king of the Namgyal dynasty. The monastery clearly follows the footsteps of the Buddhism ways of worship.

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8. The Kartok Lake

The Kartok Lake

Also known as the Kathok Lake, the lake is one of the most popular lakes in West Sikkim. It is smaller regarding size than the Khecheopalri Lake, but the blue crystal clear waters and the backdrop of picturesque sites are what makes a visit to the place enthralling. A visit to this lake is most recommended for nature lovers and adventure buffs.

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