1. Trek at Chembra Peak

Trek at Chembra Peak

Located at an elevation of 2100mt, one of the highest peaks at Wayanad offers an adventurous climb to the trekkers. The entire region is so clean and beautiful that it instantly allures tourist with its virgin views. One can encounter a dazzling cupid lake, on a route of their trek.

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2. Wayanad Heritage Museum

Wayanad Heritage Museum

Ambalavayal Heritage Museum, has an extensive collection of the artefacts and murals which depicts the facts of the former settlement of Wayanad. This museum is considered as the, one of the largest archaeological museum in the whole Kerala state, travellers who have a keen interest in knowing the historical facts of this state, are welcomed here.

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3. Pookode Lake

Pookode Lake

Pookode lake is well known as the Picnic spots for nature enthusiasts, nestled with the dense forest and greenery this lake is sprawled across the 13 acres of land. An ideal picnic spot for families, one can relish the freshness and serenity while boating in this lake. Surrounded by all the natural charm, exotic birds and fishes, this place is immensely blessed with nature’s bounty.

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4. Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island

Gradually this place is getting its fame as a weekend getaway from Wayanad. Sprawl across 950 acres of land, Kuruva Island is surrounded with lush greenery of that is best explored in the winter season. Avid Bird watchers this place is no less than a paradise for you people, Kuruva island is entirely a blessing from nature to Wayanad.

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5. Banasura Dam

Banasura Dam

Second largest dam in Asia and largest one in India, Banasura Dam is one of the main attractions of Wayanad, the place can be explored throughout the year. The place offers the picnic spot, boating and land for recreational activities. Close to Ekkadal Caves, the place is surrounded by other tourist destinations.

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6. Thirunelli Temple

Thirunelli Temple

Well renowned as the “Kashi of the South “, Thirunelli temple, is based on the ancient temple architecture is surrounded by the lofty hills and exquisite landscape. Sahyamala Kshetram is another name for the temple, is called by local people of Kerala.

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7. Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves

If you are an adventure seeker and nature lover as well, it’s a must visit place in Wayanad. You are going to encounter a Unique and thrilling experience while climbing up to the hill. Definite test to physical endurance. An Edakkal Caves is considered to be a land of myths and magic and undoubtedly one of the prominent tourist sites as well.

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