Places To Visit In Uttar Pradesh

1. Agra


The mingling beauty of romance and grandeur, the bewitching forts and monuments, the hometown of the first wonder of the world, the city known for its magnificence beauty of Taj Mahal celebrating their divine love and aura, the capital of one of the most mighty, stable and prosperous empire of the country, the Mughal ruler Akbar; Agra is full of attractions that entail you the love, faith and compassion that existed in the earlier times.

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2. Lucknow


The capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, the centre of excellence, governance, administration, education, commerce, design, tourism, music and poetry, the city has an alluring royal touch attached to it. Said to be ruled by the Muslim Nawabs, a royal family that greatly influenced the lifestyle and tradition that is followed till date.

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3. Varanasi


The holy and spiritual abode of the state, the mesmerizing persona of holiness, is what defines the city most appropriately. Varanasi is known for its beautiful ghats, bewitching temples and its essence of religiousness and compassion. The city gained its cultural importance and revival during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar who established the city most lured for its magnificent tow temples of Shiva and Vishnu.

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4. Allahabad


The city of the mingling confluence of the holy and divine Rivers of Ganga and Yamuna with the city canopying city amidst it, Allahabad is home of spirituality, devoutness and piousness. The city is not only holding up its position of being a sacred abode true, but it is also a historical home and a relishing destination for sightseeing.

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5. Mathura


The daunting and religious aura of the city is all you can relish. The city of Mathura is famed for it being the birthplace of Hindu God, Krishna. The city is one of the seven sacred cities in the country where you can attain salvation or Moksha. The town has many temples and religious sites decorating its land. Not only this, but the city also has the sacred river Yamuna flowing through its shores forming religious ghats over that place.

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6. Vrindavan


The holy abode dotted with playful deeds of the adolescent Lord Krishna is what the city is famed for. The beautiful yet angelic and consecrated city of Vrindavan grazes the holy banks of the blessed River Yamuna. The city is all mingled with the natural essence and echoes of the liveliness of the glorified Lord Krishna along with the Gopis.

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7. Chitrakoot


Located on the borders of the powerful states of the country; Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh; is the pilgrimage city and home to the Gods and Goddess of the epic Ramayana. The city is at its epitome of beauty during the festive seasons of Amavasya, Diwali, Ram Navami, Makar Sankranti and Sharad Poornima. Chitrakoot will satisfy your adventure thrills, spiritual self and will rejuvenate you with fresh and high energy.

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8. Sarnath


Flourishing on the confluence point of two rivers, the River Ganga and River Varuna, situated along the northwestern part of the holy city of Varanasi is the enlightening and spiritual city of Sarnath. The town holds vital importance in the Buddhist culture of knowledge and religion foundation. The city has many destinations grazed by the founder of Buddhism; Gautam Buddha.

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