1. Jaipur


Jaipur is the magnificent city known for its matchless beauty and vibrant history. With breathtaking palaces, diverse culture, camel rides and lip-smacking food, Jaipur is evidence of the dominant culture of the Maharajas. Visit to explore the grandeur structures and architecture of the alluring pink city of India.

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2. Udaipur


Engulfed by the mesmerising Aravalli Hills in all the directions, a beautiful city is a pure crowning beauty of Rajasthan. Popular in old times as being the capital of the kingdom of Mewar, Udaipur has plenty of majestic temples and architectures makes it a must visit place. Traverse through the City of Lakes.

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3. Jaisalmer


One of the prominent tourist destination, the city stands on a ridge of the yellowish sandstone, is housed with numerous forts and palaces making it call as Golden City of Rajasthan. A town has so much to explore from the vibrant bazaar to magnificent forts and palaces, deserts, exciting camel rides, and art museum.

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4. Mount Abu

Mount Abu

Nestled in the lush greenery Mount Abu is considered to be most serene destination amidst the Aravalli Hills. An only hill station in the vicinity it attracts a number of tourist from far-flung places to discover the exemplary beauty plus to enjoy the quiet cool climate in their vacay!

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5. Jodhpur


Gateway to Thar, Jodhpur is well renowned as the Blue City of Rajasthan and has a plethora of options to unveil the authenticity of the city. Jodhpur is famous as the second largest city after Jaipur and has excellent sites including Mehrangarh fort that comes under the top tourist destinations of Rajasthan.

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6. Ajmer


Engulfed amidst Aravalli ranges, Ajmer is the only city where one can easily see the perfect mingle of Hindu and Muslim culture. A city celebrates the amalgamation and authenticity of a multiplicity of cultures; one can easily spot this in the splendid architecture, in the delectable cuisine and among the local-ites of this city.

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7. Pushkar


Pushkar is well renowned as one of the Hindu sacred land, the pride of this lies in the hand of Brahma Temple. Considered to be tirtha-raj (king of pilgrim sites), it comes under the five pilgrim sites or dhams for Hindu. Also, the because of an abundance of rose farming, this place has earned the title of Rose garden of Rajasthan.

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8. Chittorgarh


Attaining the title of “LAND OF INDIA’S FINEST FORT.” Chittorgarh narrates the tales of sacrifice, bravery and pride and passion of Rajput’s. The city lies on the banks of Rivers Berach and Gambini unfolds the anecdote of devotion and audacity of Rajput women’s, and Chittorgarh fort is nevertheless is reminiscent of Rajputana dignity and heroism.

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9. Desert Camping

Desert Camping

Sky full of glittering stars, fantastic folk performances, vibrant puppet shows, delicious authentic meals, and cosy beddings are experiences that make camping in Rajasthan such a popular thing these days. Rajasthan tourism is now providing various luxurious facilities for tourist in those campsites, that is definitely worth to experience in a lifetime.

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10. Trekking


Adventure junkies can witness the most exciting trekking routes in desert site even, Rajasthan has a way to welcome every kind of travellers, including the ardent trekkers. Amidst the lush greenery, and salubrious climate of Mount Abu one can satiate its hunger for trekking and mountain climbing while exploring the natural marvel of the city. One can find trekking routes in other cities as well.

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11. Ranthambore


Located at the base of the Aravalli & Vindhya Hills, this unique spot in Rajasthan is best known for its wildlife. ‘The Ranthambore National Park’ is a tiger reserve where the chances of viewing a tiger are high. As a result it attracts hordes of tourists from all across the world every year. Visitors are also intrigued by the Ranthambore Fort, an ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site.’

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12. Bikaner


This quaint Desert Town is a photographer’s delight. The colorful culture and historical Forts and palaces make the city stand apart. Tourists are excited to participate in the Desert Safari and tor the dazzling array of ancient treasures left behind by the rulers of yesteryears. However, the top draw happens to be the annual Camel Festival that showcases its rich culture & heritage perfectly.

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13. Alwar


It is not a major tourist hub unlike other cities of Rajasthan, yet Alwar located amidst the Aravali Hills depicts a charm of its own. Known to be a favorite weekend haunt of people based in Delhi and nearby areas, the city is well known for the Bhangarh Fort and the City Palace. However, the wild life enthusiasts make sure to visit the ‘Sariska Tiger Reserve’ as well.

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14. Kumbalgarh


The little known Fort city of Kumbhalgarh is particularly fascinating for tourists who are blown over by the majestic fort that snakes its way up the Aravali Hills. Visitors are amazed to learn about its historical importance by the palaces and beautiful temples as well as the spectacular chattris. Nature lovers and photographers have a field day at the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary that offers a Lion Safari as well.

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15. Shekhawati


A small town set in the semi arid landscape of Rajasthan; Shekhawati is an open art gallery showcasing numerous frescoes. It also has its share of forts and palaces along with a number of opulent havelis that boast of the riches made by sheer hard work of its inhabitants. Declared to be of Rajasthan, the place is a favorite weekend gateway for Delhites.

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16. Bundi


An erstwhile Princely State, this beautiful place is all about the valor and courage of its inhabitants. It is a treasure trove for historians who revel in finding the relics in the majestic forts, temples, grand havelis and intricate chattris. The beautiful city has been abundantly blessed by nature and one can find gorgeous lakes and enchanting waterfalls in and around this gated city.

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17. Neemrana


It is a small town located within Alwar. The Neemrana Fort Palace is the prime attraction here though. Built in 1465 AD by Maharaj Prithvi Raj Chauhan III, the building has been restored and converted into a luxury heritage hotel of late. It is noted for its proximity to Delhi and has emerged as a popular site for day visits. Zip lining is a fascinating activity here.

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18. Ranakpur


This is a quaint town lying secluded in alley nestling amongst the Aravalli Hills. It is well known as a spiritual destination of the Jains, boasting of numerous Jain Temples of amazing architecture etched in stone. Surprisingly, this valley is lush green and has no scarcity of water unlike the other parts of Rajasthan. The magnificent architecture of the Adinath Temple makes it a ‘must visit’ site.

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19. Nathdwara


A town located within the Aravalli is believed to be the ‘Gateway of the Lord.’ It is extremely popular for its temples and is deemed to be a holy place for the Hindus. The town lies besides the gurgling waters of River Banas and delights the eye as much as the mind. It is also famous for the traditional Rajasthani ‘Pichwai Paintings’ and terracotta artifacts.

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20. Fatehpur


This is a small and forgotten town that had thrived in the past. Located in the Shekhawati region, it is an offbeat destination for tourists seeking to find something offbeat. The town boasts of many well known havelis that showcases the grandeur of the Rajasthani Nawabs. The Dholi Sati Dadi Mandir sees a good number of tourists visiting it every year to seek blessings.

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21. Nawalgarh


The Golden city of Rajasthan is a tiny town near the town of Jhunjhunu. Well known for its architecture and wealth in art, the town depicts the richness of culture amassed by the Marwaris belonging to this region. The havelis bear witness to the hard work of the Marwari clan who had to depart to the bigger cities in order to earn a living.

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