Places To Visit In Leh Ladakh

1. Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake

This Pangong Lake is a very beautiful and sparling lake, located near Leh Ladakh in the Himalayas. The length of this lake is 12 km and it spreads from India to Tiber. Larger part of the lake is in Tibet. The temperature in this area is usually very low, varying from -5 Degree to 10 Degree. Pangong Lake is a very famous tourist attraction and many people from across the globe come here to visit this natural beauty amidst nature with its calm and serene environment.

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2. Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri Lake situated within the Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary is a lesser known natural beauty. This lake has the water body of about 28 km and has the depth of about 100 feet. Moriri Lake is a treat to the eyes of the travellers surrounded by barren hills and the snow covered mountains. This lake has also been listed as one of the wetland reserve and has number of exotic birds and other species.

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3. Tso Kar Lake

Tso Kar Lake

This lake is popularly also known as white lake. Tso Kar Lake is a very calm and small lake as compared to the other lakes in Leh Ladakh. In the surroundings of the lake, there are only few lake sheds, less nomadic families and few monasteries. Brahmin Duck is the most common and very exotic bird one can see here. Tso Kar lake is a must visit destination for all the people coming to visit Leh.

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4. Kyun Tso and Ryul Tso

Kyun Tso and Ryul Tso

These are the twin lakes, located in Ladakh and are counted in the lesser known lakes of this enchanting place of serene and calm beauty. Kyun Tso and Ryul Tso Lake are located very adjacent to one another. The view of both the lakes is nothing less when compared to the paradise on earth.

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5. Lang Tso and Stat Tso

Lang Tso and Stat Tso

Lang Tso and Stat Tso Lakes are other twin lakes of Leh Ladakh which never fails to attract the tourists for their natural beauty and stunning surrounding. It is located at 5000m above the sea level. The snow-capped mountain around the lake is just another motivating reason for all the travellers to visit these twin lakes.

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6. Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek

The experience of trekking on the frozen river is one of its kinds. The adventure and thrill one experiences during this trek is one of its kinds. Tourists can witness surreal beauty while trekking and also can admire the majestic snow-capped mountains. People from all over the world come here to experience this trek.

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7. Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa

Being one of the mesmerizing and magnificent architectural wonder of Tibetan culture, Shanti Stupa is one of the major attractions of Leh Ladakh. It is a white structured dome dedicated to Buddhism. One can spot the stupa having a beautiful and excellent over view of the colourful city Leh Ladakh. Throughout the tourist’s season, it is crowded by thousands of tourists, admiring this Stupa.

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8. Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley

Located on the silk route, Nubra Valley is a god’s own creation. Nubra Valley has the ability to hold captive its tourists who come here to admire its breath-taking beauty. One can feel that this land is help by some magical powers which makes all the tourists’ breath in the atmosphere of calmness and serenity. This enchanting valley is located at the distance of 140 km from the city of Leh.

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9. Sand Dunes of Hundur

Sand Dunes of Hundur

Besides filling your diaries with thrilling and amazing experiences during your travel to Leh Ladakh, the Sand Dunes of Hundur are totally another thing to experience. It also allows the tourists to take the wildlife and admire the beauty of the city of Leh. It is located in the remote village of Leh.

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10. Khardung La

Khardung La

Popularly known as the main attraction and getaway towards to Nubra and Shyok valleys, this is the very famous tourist’s destination in Leh Ladakh. It is claimed to be world’s highest motor able pass with the height of 5,602m above the sea level. For all the travellers who have an strong passion and love for adventure and thrill, this is the best ever place to visit.

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11. Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill

The very famous Magnetic Hill is one of the most famous wonders of god and science. On this hill the vehicles are said to defy the force of gravitation and tend to move upwards on this hill after they are parked on a specifically marked spot. Many theories have been conducted and framed to understand the true nature and the reason behind the Magnetic Hill but till now nothing can be said firmly. It is a must visit place in Leh Ladakh.

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12. Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is a Leh-Manali highway. This pass is only made operational during the months May to November. It is a place of unpredictable snow storms and blizzards. This Leh-Manali highway becomes extremely busy with the tourists especially in the summer season. It is a treat to travel by this pass which is at such a great height above the sea level.

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13. Zanskar valley

Zanskar valley

Zanskar Valley is very famous for its wide views, scenic beauty of mountains all around and the mesmerizing monasteries around. This valley covers an area of about 5,000 square km. Zanskar Valley is situated at the height of 13,154m above the sea level. During the 9 months of the year, this valley is cut off from the rest of world because of its extreme cold weather conditions.

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14. Saru Valley

Saru Valley

Beautiful and quite Saru Valley is the territory of the river Indus. This valley is inhabited by approximately 25,000 people. Agriculture is also widely practised in the lower heights of the valley at about 3,000m above the sea level. This Saru Valley is a very famous tourist’s attraction of leh Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir.

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15. Keylong


Located in the Manali-Leh highway, Keylong is the small nestled hamlet in the district of Lahaul and Spiti. Kardang Monastery is very close to this nature’s beauty Keylong. Tourists can also enjoy the annual festival of Leh Ladakh here and make amazing memories with their familes, friends or even solo.

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16. Kardang Monastery

Kardang Monastery

Located in the scenic, green and serene landscapes across the Bhaga River, it is a beautiful and enchanting place. This monastery is of its kind and it the best suited place to explore for the people having strong belief in Buddhism or also for the people who have passion and urge to explore. This is located very close to the small hamlet Keylong.

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17. Shasur Monastery

Shasur Monastery

This beautiful name to this monastery is given by the Blue pines surrounding this magnificent place. Located at the distance of 30-40 km from Manali, it is a three-storey construction. The panoramic view, snow-capped mountains, greenery all around make this place more attracting to visit for the travellers.

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18. Tayul Monastery

Tayul Monastery

The biggest statue of Padma Sambhava is housed in the Tayul Monastery. Tayul Monastery is located 6km from the Keylong hamlet and it is a treat to witness for the eyes of all the travellers planning to plan a vacation. This monastery depicts the strong believes and culture of Buddhism. The statue inside the monastery is 12 feet tall and also the major attraction of this monastery which attracts people from all over the world.

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19. Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park

This Hemis National Park was established in the year 1981 with the generous aim to protect the deceased animals. The park is located at the altitude of 3,300-6000m above the sea level. Hemis National Park is really a good place for all the people who love photography or have lots of interest in wildlife, because you will get to know many new things once, you visit this place.

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20. Hemis Monastery

Hemis Monastery

Located at the distance of 45 km from the south of Leh Ladakh, is also listed as the world heritage site of our country India. This Hemis Monastery is also known to be the wealthiest monasteries in the world. Here, the statue of Lord Buddha and Stupa is made up of pure gold and silver. This is another must visit place for all the travellers.

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21. Moonland


It is a spectacular landscape at the Leh-Kargil road with the most beautiful scenery and surroundings, one can ever come across. This place is also popularly known as Moonland because of the mesmerizing sight it beholds. Thus, it is a must visit tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir for all the travellers.

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22. Kargil


This small town located at the distance of 11 km from Leh Ladakh is sight of very high important. Kargil is the hotspot for many terrorists’ attacks and is under the high vigilance. The last war between India and Pakistan was fought here. Kargil is a perfect town to visit for the people who want to unveil the history of our country, India.

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23. Kargil War Memorial

Kargil War Memorial

This very famous Kargil War museum is located in the small village of Dras. This memorial recites the stories, remains and memories of the soldier who had sacrificed their life to protect their mother country, India during the 1999 Kargil war between India and Pakistan. This memorial is very informative for all the people visiting there.

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24. Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

This Hall of Fame Museum is located at the distance of 4 km from the main city of Leh Ladakh. This beautiful museum is constructed in the loving memories of the soldiers who fought bravely and lost their lives in the Indo-Pakistan war of 1999, which killed thousands of innocent people.

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25. Royal Leh Palace

Royal Leh Palace

The very famous Leh Palace is also known as “Lhachen Palkhar”. This palace is a perfect example to show the architectural wonder of the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir. People can witness extra ordinary sunsets and sunrise from this mesmerizing palace.

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26. Spituk Monastery

Spituk Monastery

Spituk Monastery is popularly also known as Spituk Gompa and Pethup Gompa. This beautiful monastery of Leh Ladakh district located in northern India. Spituk Monastery is situated at the distance of 8 km from Leh Ladakh and is a home to 100 monks along with the huge statue of Kali. This monastery was built in 11th century by Od-de, the elder brother of Lha Lama Changchub Od.

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27. Mulbekh Monastery

Mulbekh Monastery

This beautiful and majestic monastery houses the 9m tall statue of Maitreya Buddha. Mulbekh Monastery is located 36 km away from Kargil in the direction of Leh highway. Folk lore tells that, this place was built in the period of Kushan’s. It is an excellent place for all those people who have keen interest in the histories and monasteries. Mulbekh Monastery is a must visit place for each and every traveller with serene and enchanting environment all around.

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28. Thiksey Monastery

Thiksey Monastery

This Gompa of Tibetan Buddhism religion is located on the top of the hill with a best possible scenic view. Thiksey Monastery is somewhat similar to Potala Palace of Lhara and is a popular pilgrim place, along with its marvellous architecture and enchanting natural beauty. If one wants to capture all the fun and beauty of this monastery, then October and November are the best months for that.

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29. Alchi Choskor Monastery

Alchi Choskor Monastery

This Buddhist Monastery is located at a distance of 65 km towards the west side of the main city of Leh Ladakh. Alchi Choskor Monastery is one of the largest Gompa built by Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo. This place has an architecture to admire, three storey beautiful temple and many more. Alchi Choskor Monastery is a worth to visit tourists’ place.

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30. Central Asian Museum

Central Asian Museum

One of the major and most popular tourists’ attraction of Leh Ladakh is Central Asian Museum, which is four storey tower built of stone. This museum was constructed in the 21st century itself. The view from the top of the Central Asian Museum is just beyond perfect. Even, the outside view of this museum is worth the times of every traveller.

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31. Sumur


This Yarab Tso, Sumur is also known as “the hidden lake” because of its isolation. One has to hike for about twenty to twenty five minutes uphill to reach this lake. Sumur Lake is a distance of about 15 km from the Disrit Village. Travellers can find this route a bit tough but at the same time can also witness the mesmerizing nature’s beauty all around.

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32. Samstanling Monastery

Samstanling Monastery

This Samstanling Monastery was founded by Lama Tsultim Nima approximately 140 years ago and houses 50 monks. It is the main monastery of the region. When one will visit this Samstanling Monastery, they can spot beautiful yellow-red trees, vibrant prayer flags, loaded berry bushes and enchanting golden-grey mountains.

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33. Leh Market

Leh Market

This is the main and the biggest market in Leh Ladakh where one can shop plenty of handicrafts items and local woollen clothes. Travellers will find many lanes and bylanes in this market. The Leh market is fully crowded with numerous shops selling different products of various varieties.

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34. Donkey Sanctuary

Donkey Sanctuary

This Donkey Sanctuary is a place maintained by British authorities for the welfare and protection of Donkey. This is one of the largest and unique sanctuaries devoted for the animal like Donkey. It was founded many years ago. Donkey Sanctuary of Leh Ladakh is one of its kind and if you are a photography and wildlife lover, this is the must visit destination for you. One will have a wonderful experience exploring this place.

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35. Phugtal Monastery

Phugtal Monastery

Located in the south-east part of the Zanskar region, Phuktal Monastery is a very isolated monastery of Leh Ladakh. Since many years, this has been one of the best places for the practice of meditation. It is a perfect getaway for all the adventure lovers, as it also has trekking and hiking to offer. The scenic view around this monastery is very beautiful.

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36. Batalik


It’s in Indian Administered Ladakh, centre of all Indo-Pakistani wars, located at 56 km from Kargil. A war-torn land with a captivating view of Indus. River can be seen in its full glory and drive along Indus river till Batalik is an amazing ride as the roads are well maintained but with lots of curves and turns. One can have most rememberable and mind-blowing experience while driving towards the destination.

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37. Fotula Pass

Fotula Pass

Fotula pass is a highest mountain pass at an elevation of 4,108 metres in Srinagar-Leh highway between Kargil and Leh, in Zanskar range. Travelling to these roads is a thrilling experience, an adventurous journey along with the most beautiful sunrise and sunset. Nature’s admirer will witness the unparalleled scenic beauty along with the snow-clad mountains and welcomed by naturally beautified prayer flags fluttering in the wind.

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38. Zojila Pass

Zojila Pass

Second largest pass, situated at elevation of 3,528 m on NH1 between Srinagar and Leh in western section of Himalayan range. A link between Ladakh and Kashmir Valley. This historically important pass with spell-bounding scenic beauty can be experienced while riding towards Zoji La pass, but it’s not an easy ride, you will find a thin line from the sharp edges of mountains, so be careful while driving.

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39. Sankar Monastery

Sankar Monastery

Daughter-establishment of Spituk Monastery in Khardung La, at elevation of 5,359 m. Only 20 monks live in this Monastery, entry is restricted to early morning and evening. Evening is the best time to visit as it shines in the evening. The walls of monastery are decorated with beautiful paintings. Avalokiteśvara, that stands tall with thousand heads and arms holding weapons of destruction is depicting the rich Tibetan culture beautifully.

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40. Rock Museum

Rock Museum

While exploring the Ladakh’s sites, don’t forget it’s incredibly rich geological heritage. To have a glimpse of this rich heritage “Rock Museum” visit is a must. The Rock and mineral museum is a house to lots of minerals, fossils, precious stones, semi-precious stones, and to different geological curiosities that Ladakh offers. Around 200 rocks and minerals were studied and preserved inside this small one room.

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41. Zorawar Singh Fort

Zorawar Singh Fort

The fort is dedicated to famous general Zorawar Singh Kahluria. You will be amazed to see both temple and mosque together. The light and sound show at sunset is also amazing. Located among the barren hills, this fort gives ample opportunity for photography and attracts the people with an interest in artefact, archaeology, history, culture. They visit this beautiful fort to quench their thirst for knowledge.

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42. Hundur Monastery

Hundur Monastery

Hundur Monastery is situated in Hundur village in the Nubra Valley, Ladakh. One of the ancient Buddhist monastery with an amazing view. There is a huge, beautiful statue of Buddha overlooking the mountains which is worth watching, its height is approximately 104 ft. If you like to explore than it’s a place for you, one of the farthest point till which the travellers are allowed.

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43. Drang-Drung Glacier

Drang-Drung Glacier

A largest mountain glacier in Ladakh situated at Kargil – Zanaskar Road at an elevation of 4,780 m, surrounded by two small alpine lakes and snow-covered peaks. There are very few glaciers in the world, that have access by road and this is one of them. For adventour seeker, the three days trek starting from Leh Zanskar valley will take them to the spectacular mountain ranges and stunning glaciers.

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44. Stok Palace

Stok Palace

Situated in Stok, Leh. Established in 14th Century by Lama Lhawang Lotus. A large museum along with a well-known library with 108 volumes of the Kangyur. It’s a former royal palace blend with traditional and contemporary architectural styles. Amazing view whole Leh city can be witnessed from top. Divided into separate rooms, it showcases war equipment, royal artefacts and 16th century Thangkas, representing the life and teachings of Buddha.

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45. Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid

A beautiful double domed structure, located in the heart of the city built in 1666-67 A.D, this tourist attraction is a symbol of Islamic culture. One of the ancient and biggest mosques in the Ladkah dedicated to Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, which is open only for men. A perfect example of spiritualism blend with religion. It consists a memorial known as Shahi Hamdan.

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46. Chang La Pass

Chang La Pass

Third highest motorable road in world, at elevation of 5360m. Got its name from Sadhu Changla Baba, the temple dedicated to him is still there. Pass is generally used to reach one of the most popular tourist attraction Pangong Lake and an important gateway for Changthang Plateau situated in Himalayas. It is advisable not to stay more than 20 to 25 mins on top because of its high altitude.

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47. Moore Plains

Moore Plains

A major attraction for all bikers heading towards Leh from Manali, a stretch of 40 km between Leh and Sarchu, at an elevation of 4800 metres. Flanked with the beautiful mountains on both sides, these plains are a photographer’s delight and a captivating destination for the nature lovers, the landscapes and colours keep on changing with every turn, the clear blue sky is a perk.

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48. Rangdum Monastery

Rangdum Monastery

Situated on top of a small, steep sugarloaf hill it’s home to around 40 monks, belongs to Gelugpa sect built by Gelek Yashy Takpa at elevation of 4,031 m (13,225 ft), physically it’s in Suru Valley, but culturally part of Zanskar. Due to its remote location, roads are narrow and bumpy. An isolated place of Worship. It always attracted tourists seeking happiness in isolation and serenity of nature.

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49. Karsha Monastery

Karsha Monastery

Largest and most important monastery in Zanskar founded by Phagspa Shesrab. House to most beautiful bone relics of Dorje Rinchen and paintings. Famous Gustor festival is celebrated annually on 28th and 29th day of sixth month as per Tibetan calendar. Around 100 monks are resident here, a complex monastery comprising eight chapels, chortens, residential rooms, embellished with exquisite paintings of Lama Dzadpa Dorje. A perfect mixture of spiritualism and culture.

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50. Sindhu Ghat

Sindhu Ghat

One of the most peaceful river banks, situated 10kms upstream Indus River originated from Mansarovar Lake and Mount Kailash in Tibet. One of the seven most sacred rivers in India. Scenic landscape is attractive with the barren mountains and rocky terrain. The best time to enjoy beauty of this location is during Sindhu Darshan Festival in June which includes sightseeing trip, campfire and many more exciting activities.

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