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The tiny state of Goa is one of the most romantic destination in India and Goa Honeymoon Packages is perfect for newly wed couples from India and abroad. Located in the western corner of India, in Konkan region – Goa is a verdant heaven for couples looking to spend vacation together. The beautiful city is bounded by the foothills of the Sahyadri Range on one side and glistening water of the Arabian Sea on the other side.

Why Honeymoon in Goa?

Goa adheres to the minds of everyone very easily. The vast Arabian Sea offers a number of rejuvenating activities and a wide range of sightseeing option transforming the honeymoon in to an ideal gallery of exotic moments. The small state of goa is a renowned choice for leisurely vacation because of scenic landscapes and cultural influence of Portugal. The delectable cuisine and the beach parties are also a major factor in making this state more popular.

Get the best Packages for Goa from India Tourism

India Tourism offers the carefree vibe, splendid views and the romantic touch which is sufficing to lure the newlyweds to this enchanting place. You can laze around on the sun-soaked Goan beaches or walk hand in hand with your partner making every moment spent with your loved one even more special. Couples can also enjoy the beach parties which are pretty famous for having a good time in Goa or you can just sit on the beach with your better half and admire the idyllic sun setting in the horizon beyond the seemingly infinite sea. Goa Honeymoon Package offers couples to spend some memorable time together and make some relishing memories to cherish throughout the life.


Look at some of the handpicked places to visit for honeymoon couples.

Butterfly beach – Situated in the north of Palolem in between the two hills, butterfly beach is one of the most preferred choice of couples and newlyweds on honeymoon. This beach is mainly famous for unique and exotic beautiful butterflies. This is one of the least popular beaches in Goa. There is only two ways to reach the beach and that is by trekking through dense forest or by taking a romantic boat ride plying from Palolem as there is no motorable road to this less crowded beach. The beach, being less crowded offers great seclusion and privacy, which is why it stands as a favourite place amongst the couples and newlyweds seeking some romantic and cosy moments.

Velsao beach – Velsao beach is a vast sand beach situated close to the village of Cansaulim. It is a secluded, yet amazingly ravishing beach found between Bogmalo and Majorda in Southern part of the Goa. The beach is renowned for its large stretches of silver soft sands and mesmerising picturesque sunset. With its scintillating silver sands, green coconut plantations, cerulean sea and the clean and pristine coast, Velsao beach never disappoints in attracting the couples seeking for a great honeymoon destination. This is one of the best romantic places in Goa for couples to enjoy the mesmerising beauty of the pristine state while relaxing on white sandy beaches and admiring the picturesque Sun Set. The couples can also indulge in water sports here to give a little touch of adventure to your honeymoon trip.

Bamanbudo Waterfalls – Bamanbudo is amongst the most enchanting waterfalls in Goa. A beautiful cascade along with picturesque scenery, the splendid waterfall is situated in Gaodongrem, Canacona. The water gushes down along the rocks looking more like a waterslide than a waterfall. Foamy water cascades down the lush green slopes of rocks, while the serenity of the place is enhanced by the melodies of the birds chirping. Since the water flows down the rocks, there is no well at the bottom which makes bathing a frolic activity due to the force of the water. The elegance and charming quotient of this waterfall allures couples and newlyweds for a romantic time and a blissful enlightenment.

Grand Island – This island is for couples seeking to find love in exhilarating adventure. Grand Island is certainly the best fusion of romance and adventure offering a plethora of water sports activities and beautiful vistas for the couples to admire and take part in thrilling activities. This island is famous as a popular scuba diving spot and boasts of fascinating diving spots like Shelter Cove, Suzy’s wreck, Sail Rock and bounty Bay. This mesmerising island can be reached by taking a ferry boat ride of 20-40 mins. The enchanting island is surrounded by aromatic spice plantations and renowned dolphin spotting points. The island also has some splendid resorts for couples to stay overnight and make memories to cherish throughout the life.

Fort Aguada – Overlooking the massive spread of the “Seeming to be endless’ blue waters in front of it, Fort Aguada is one of the largest forts in Goa which is famed for its stunning location, heritage, architecture and rich history. It is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Goa and is renowned “Dil Chaahta hai” fort amongst youngsters as the shooting of the movie took place in and around this enthralling fort. This is regarded as one of the most romantic place in goa which never fails to entice the honeymoon couples. It receives an immense number of tourists every year for its amazing sightseeing spots and for being a testimony to the glory of the Portuguese Empire. This hilltop fort also has a lighthouse and offers a jaw dropping beauty of the Arabian Sea for the tourists to witness.


Our Goa Honeymoon Tour packages are just right for newly wed couples. We have 15 years of Goa Tourism experience and ensure that you have comfortable honeymoon experience in Goa. If you have Goa in your mind for your honeymoon, get in touch with our Goa travel experts and customise your honeymoon itinerary.

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