Arambol Beach

Arambol is such a wee, beautiful and traditional village that attracts the International tourist the most, a budget friendly place in North Goa. For those who prefer tranquility , comes to visit this charming beach that is quite known as a hidden gem , and serene amidst the beaches like Anjuna and Calangute. Undoubtedly this beach proffers tourist all the major attractions and facilities what other large beaches do, as Arambol encounters its popularity from the late 19th century.

Well the absence of big resorts and five star hotels may makes a doubt in a travelers mind but the uncommercialized, pristine beauty is worth a visit. Explore the bounty of nature amidst the crazy vibes of the town, as the newest haven for hippie tourist the place is gradually gaining the importance and tourism in coming years. Do visit to eccentric and appealing beach of Northern Goa, to make your trip more thriving and enthralling.

Things to do at Arambol Beach

Well in a quaint fisherman’s village, Arambol is an ideal destination for peace seekers. A fun place to that draws tourist attraction towards Harambol. Best thing is all those activities that are available here, are reasonable priced.

Here is the list of few things that fascinate you in your trip to Arambol:

Spend time around Arambol Beach line – A secluded beach line, is totally safe for swimming, have a long walk to encounter little beaches around the vicinity. Also adventure sports and Para gliding are the most appropriate activities to be enjoyed here.

Get trained for surfing at Surf Wala – A popular and trending Surf Club of Goa, is located at Arambol, this is what it is famous for its best. Here visitors will get a proper training and lessons and facilitated with all the equipments by expertise .Well the idea behind this is to promote surfing, started by the group of international surfers who are inhabited in Goa.

Our Lady of Mount Caramel Church – Well renowned as Arambol Church was established in 1780 is a prominent tourist destination. Dedicated to the St John the Baptist, this church is considered to be the first and the oldest church located In Pernem, Goa.

Places to visit near Arambol Beach

We immense tranquility , Arambol is mostly covered with the huge coastline, places here to visit are mostly the beaches and shopping area , other than that tourist may encounter some pilgrim sites as well.

Here is the list of places while enroute to Arambol:

Querim Beach – The beach is enveloped under the ancient Portuguese fort, located at a distance of 5 km from Arambol, the beach line encircled with palm and casuarinas trees. Also tourist can avail the ferry rides to reach the fort that is also known as Terekhol Fort.

Terekhol Fort – Built in early 17th century, this Portuguese architecture is also converted into a heritage hotel now, which houses the St.Anthony Church as well. A main attraction site for tourist and explorers and indeed a photography location too for travelers who love to capture the ethos of a historical site.

Bhumika Temple – Dedicated to Bhumika Devi, it is said that this temple is 200 years old or more. Filled with spiritual vibes, here one may find the idols of Vetal’s and on the other side Bhumika Devi’s in the vicinity. This is a worth visiting if you want to explore the history of Arambol.

Shopping near Arambol Beach

Street market of Arambol is quite famous amidst travelers , this 3km extended market has every range of products from jewelry, clothes, handicrafts , home décor , pipes , soaps , spices, cookware , and wide range of furniture as well. The best part about this market is, that the prices of each product is too reasonable than other flea markets of North Goa.

Other than this , the main attraction lies Drum Circle and Sunset Beach Market , the specialty of this market is it start its set up before the sunset, and the whole area drown itself in a full zeal, tourist enjoy the fun and party aura of this beach where people perform with juggling balls hulla hoops and other props. People can shop for handicrafts and souvenirs’ while enjoying the live music festival.

Shacks at Arambol Beach

Shacks of Arambol will simply lure you to spend some leisure time with your group of friends, the elegant ambience of the beach adore the vibrancy of these shacks. Encircled with nature’s essence around the beach tourist enjoy the succulent multiple cuisines specially sea food, and the traditional décor depicts the history of Goa .

There are quite few shacks at Arambol as compared to other beaches in Goa, but they all proffer you enough relaxing environment for a awesome brunch date :

  • Edem Garden
  • Santana Beach Shack
  • Basho Huts and Café

Hotels near Arambol Beach

Arambol has a few numbers of resorts that fulfill the desire of staying in luxurious accommodations, although the basic amenities can be fulfilled in small hotels and hostels too. Tourists mostly prefer to stay here for a day or two as Arambol has not many things to do other than sightseeing.

  • Om Lake Resort
  • Nakson Arambol Plaza
  • Go –YM resort

Restaurants near Arambol Beach

The aroma of lip smacking dishes will fill your soul with utmost cravings in the lanes of Arambol, there are number of restaurants around the beach in the outskirts .Visit these places to try some really new and authentic dishes of Goa , at these eateries relish the multiple and palatable cuisines.

Well from reasonable to high quality restaurants , here you will be served with some awesome sensational platter at your service.

At Arambol there are some of the awesome food joints where you can relax and enjoy your brunch and dinner while exploring the serene village:

  • Pajis
  • Fellini
  • Double Dutch

Nightlife near Arambol Beach

Undeniably tourist can soak themselves in the vibrant vibes of Arambol, hit at any bar or club where the booming music will run in your veins and make you groove on each beat. Party freaks gear up yourself before coming to Arambol , you are just going to love the wildness of this place. Also tourist can visit restaurants or shacks to relish the flavor of some succulent Goan dishes with glittering mock tails and amazing drinks. Stroll around the beach, to spend the quality time in the evening.

Here is the list of clubs and pubs where one can enjoy the crazy nightlife at Arambol:

  • Mango Tree
  • Psy Bar and Night club
  • Arkan Bar and Restaurant
  • Take a Break Bar and Restaurant