Top 20 Adventure Activities in Sikkim

If you want to witness some adventure, then Sikkim is never going to disappoint you. Sikkim, the Northeast state in India, is an ideal place to indulge in adventurous activities. It is a paradise for tourists who want to explore the land of Sikkim. Right from rafting in the waters of Teesta to discovering the mountains on foot, Sikkim beholds many challenges in its kitty. There is a wide variety of adventure activities to choose from, and that makes the journey all the more exciting. From cyclists to climbers, trekkers to paraglide there is a lot in store for everyone. There are many professionals available to guide you to make your adventure activity well-planned and safe. This wonderland of Himalaya offers memory to cherish for a lifetime. It presents you with once in a lifetime experience to do dare to do activities.

Activities in Sikkim

Following is a list of must-do adventure activities in Sikkim:

1. Trekking at Goecha La

Goecha La is a small hamlet situated in Sikkim. It is a dream come true for trekkers to mount Goecha La Trek. As Sikkim is surrounded by mountain ranges, it is the perfect destination for trekking. It provides you with an opportunity to check the fitness of your legs. You can look forward to a lot of thrill and excitement on trekking this range. There is a charm about trekking in Sikkim due to its beautiful valleys, rich flora and fauna and mesmerising ambience. Although there are several famous tourist attractions, Goecha La Trekking ranks top amongst it.

2. Ropeway Ride in Gangtok

Among the must do things in Sikkim is ropeway ride in Gangtok. It is located near the Deorali market. You can quickly reach this place in a cab from your hotel. This ride stretches around 1km long and has 3 entry points. The midway stop is Nam-Nang. This ride offers a breathtaking view of the Gangtok market. The duration of a roundabout trip is 12 to 15 minutes. The car can accommodate up to 24 passengers. The cable car moves slowly without any jerks. If you are lucky enough to be seated beside the window, you can easily have the best sightseeing experience.

3. White Water Rafting in Teesta River

If you want to put in some fun into your life, take a plunge into the crystal clear water of Teesta. River rafting ranks among the new adventures added to Sikkim tourism. You need a helmet, a life-saver jacket, oars and a small float called a raft to hit the waters of Teesta. Experienced trainers will ensure you have a safe ride. The best routes for rafting are offered by Teesta and its tributary Rangit. Teesta ranks 4th on the international grade scale. Rafting at river Teesta is the ultimate destination for thrill seekers.

4. Paragliding

You can soar high in the Sikkim skies like a free bird with paragliding. Feel the adrenaline rush basking in the beauty of this North Eastern part of India. Catch hold of scenic magnificence as you fly up in the sky. The popularity of paragliding is fast rising in Sikkim. The activity varies according to time duration and altitude. A trained instructor who is a certified pilot accompanies you on your paragliding activity as a safety measure. No experience or prior training is required for this sport. The pilot steers the flight.

5. Bungee Jumping at Singshore Bridge

Hanging at an elevation of 198m, this bridge is the highest bridge in Sikkim. Offering plethora of photo shooting opportunities, this suspension bridge is the miracle of engineering. It is a beautifully built bridge with scenic sights and connects two mountains. This bridge is situated in the village of Uttarey, which is at a distance of 5kms from Pelling. In case you are a novice to bungee jumping, then you need no to worry as professionals will aid you in learning the technique. The bungee jumping activity can be carried out all along the year from morning 06:00 am to 06:00 pm.

6. Base Camp Trek at Kanchenjunga

Kanchenjunga base camp trek bestows an unmatchable trekking experience through the beautiful Himalayas. It is the highest peak in India and ranks third largest in the world. It is situated on the Sikkim border. The picturesque villages, the serene spirituality and the beautiful orchids here make this mountain range seem like a fairyland. Although this trek is challenging, the effort is worth the trial. A wild maze of peaks and valleys is what you find during trekking this range. It provides the dual experience of trekking as well as camping.

7. Trek at Dzongri

Around 50 km long, this is one of the most beautiful treks that Sikkim offers. It is shorter when compared to other treks, but the high altitude and terrain makes it adventurous. This mesmerizing trek takes you through dense forest areas. The trek begins at Yuksom which is a significant settlement in the western region of Sikkim. It is a 5-day activity. It attracts a lot of travellers around the world. As you carry on your trek, you will eyewitness rare species of birds and animals and undiscovered lands.

8. Yak Safari

In Sikkim yaks are domesticated, and they are adapted to climbing high altitudes and are 5 to 7 feet tall. Yaks are also a mode of carrying goods. Yak safari is a must have experience on your trip to Sikkim. It is also the most popular adventure in Sikkim. Although yaks appear to be ferocious, they are gentle animals. The Dzongri and the Tsomgo lake are the regions where yak safari is undertaken by tourists. Travellers belonging to all age group, from children to old people can take this activity. Don’t forget to click a picture on your yak safari to preserve a memory for a lifetime.

9. Silk Route Cycling

While looking for adventure in Sikkim, choosing for the Silk Route cycling is the best option. The expedition starts from Sillery Gaon. You can reach this place via car from the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. Professional organizers provide you with the cycles and other goodies necessary for the journey. The tour lasts for around a week and offers the most beautiful view of the mountain ranges. The trip involves camping overnight at particular halts where you can refill your food and water stock. The cost of this expedition is around INR 30,000 per person.

10. Sandakphu Trek

Situated at an elevation of 11940 feet, it is a moderately tricky terrain area for trekking liked by nature lovers. The trekking starts at Manebhanjan, where you can reach via car. It is a wonderland for trekkers. The expedition to Sandakphu goes through the Singalila range and is therefore called as Singalia trek too. Before starting your trek from Sandakphu, you must ensure that you are accompanied by a registered guide. During this trek, you will come across not only famous peaks but also the Three Sisters and other prominent mountain peaks of Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet and Bhutan in one single go.

11. Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is a thrilling experience and is popular among thrill seekers. One can fulfil the sincere desire of flying by undertaking this activity. You need to be brave to experience this adventure. Gliding in the sky above the snow-clad mountains and an alpine forest is a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Even if you are a learner for hang gliding, you can rely on the trainers to train you. Yumthang and Jorathang are the locations to carryout hang gliding in Sikkim. The cost for this adventure is nearly INR 2500 per person. You will be charged extra if you want to video record the act. The ideal time for this adventure is mid-May to October from early morning hours till afternoon.

12. Helicopter Ride

The best way to explore any place is sightseeing through a helicopter ride. When in Sikkim, buying tickets for this ride is a must to have a bird’s eye view of this mesmerizing location. A fantastic view of the high mountains, deep valleys, dense forests and gushing rivers is what a helicopter ride has in store for its passengers. A helicopter can accommodate up to 5 people. This activity is carried out in Gangtok valley and Kanchendzonga. The cost for the ride varies from INR 18000 to INR 90000 depending upon the duration from 15 minutes to 75 minutes. The ideal time for this ride is 07:00 am to 09:00 am all year long

13. Caving at North Lha-Ri-Nying Phu

North Lha-Ri-Nying Phu is counted amongst the most pious places in Sikkim. The cave is located deep within the Himalayan Mountains and visiting it is a lifetime experience. Climbing the tough steps and steep slopes add thrill to the adventure. You need not be religious to visit this place. Even if you are an atheist, the caving will prove to be a satisfying experience. It will surely be an adventure to remember. The caves are located in the north of Tashiding. This activity costs around INR4500 per person. The ideal time for caving is March to June and October to November.

14. Trek at Green Lake

Because of its steep terrain, the trek at Green Lake which is nearly 35km long takes 13 days to complete. This trek is not to be missed by adventure lovers. The Green Lake is situated near Lachen and is a paradise for visitors. The beauty of the mountains can be explored on this trek. It is a gem of adventurous activities to be carried in North Sikkim. You need a permit in advance to undertake trekking here. The average per person cost for this adventure is INR65000.

15. Explore the Wild Side of Sikkim

Among the two notable national parks in Sikkim, are the Kewzing and Kanchendzonga, that portray beautiful ecosystems. Kanchendzonga is known for snow leopards, red panda and musk deer while Kewzing is the ideal destination for bird watchers. Kewzing is home to more than 200 species of birds. The Kewzing National park is located in Kewzing while Kanchendzonga National Park is located in Chungthang. The entry fee for Kanchendzonga National Park is INR350 per person. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

16. Relish North-Eastern Delicacies

If you are a foodie, Sikkim is not going to disappoint you. It offers mouthwatering delicacies that you will savour every bite. Sikkim has plenty of multi-speciality restaurants to cater your taste buds. Many finger-licking delights like sisnoo, soyabean chutney and pork curry are served here. Among the famous restaurants are 9’NINE Native Cuisine, Gupta restaurant and Taste of Tibet. The cost of a sumptuous meal ranges from INR300 TO INIR 3000 per person depending on the restaurant.

17. Try Yumthang Hot Springs

Among the several hot springs in Sikkim, the hot spring of Yumthang Valley is ranked the best. Believed to have healing powers, this jacuzzi is accessible to provide relief to arthritis patients. The spring is situated within walking distance from the Yumthang village. One has to go on foot and move across the pedestrian bridge on the Lachung river to reach it. After the walk, you will find the steamy dip in the hot spring rejuvenating. To aid the bathers, a hut with two pools has been developed, each containing hot water from the spring.

18. Enjoy the Sikkim Nightlife

The nightlife of Sikkim is vivacious and lively. You will enjoy listening to the live band music. You can relish the local cuisine accompanied by foot-tapping music. You can try drinking Tongba, which is a fermented drink similar to feni in Goa. The drink is served in a bamboo glass, and hot water is added to complete the drink. It is served as a welcome drink in Sikkim. You can also take a stroll around the vibrant streets to have a feel of the bubbly ambience. Sikkim is a perfect mix of modern amenities and natural beauty.

19. Take a leisurely walk at Rinchenpong

To get away from the worries of city life, you can have a walk to remember for a lifetime, at Rinchenpong. It is a small hamlet around 40km away from Gangtok. This region is very tranquil and offers a relaxing feel to the pedestrians. You can enjoy the view of crimson sunrays coming through the Kanchenjunga peak through your hotel window early morning. You can also enjoy some rich ambience of solitude here and get one with your soul. This belt is also known for orchids.

20. Explore Temi Tea Gardens

It is the single tea estate located in Sikkim. It has scenic beauty with a snow-clad view of mountain Kanchenjunga at the backdrop. The tea fields are lush green and are surrounded by cherry blossom trees on its sides. While walking through these trees, one gets a feeling of the pink forest when the flowers are in full bloom. These gardens are spread across nearly 450 acres of land at an altitude of about 1800 meters. It produces 100 metric tons of tea annually. It also organizes tea factory tours for tourists.



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